About Us

What We Do:

QS Pharma was founded in 2002 and has been a Quotient Clinical business since acquisition in 2017. QS Pharma provides a broad range of contract development/research and clinical/commercial manufacturing services for pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical companies worldwide. The business is founded on the tenet of Quality with Speed™ and is based on the extensive expertise and knowledge in the area of pharmaceutical product development.

Our Mission:

QS Pharma is based on Quality with Speed™ and is dedicated to building long-term relationships with customers through quality and unparalleled timely pharmaceutical product development and will be recognized as the leading and preferred provider of pharmaceutical product development to biopharmaceutical and pharmaceutical companies.

Our Focus:

The focus of QS Pharma spans the early development process from the screening and identification of New Chemical Entities (NCEs) to providing preclinical toxicology formulations for early phase work through the development of stable, bioavailable, manufacturable, and registerable dosage forms for use in Clinical trials and providing subsequent Commercial manufacturing for those approvable drug candidates.